Our most subscribed Playbook 2 with forex and currency futures trade ideas

In the UK, a lower GDP announcement was overshadowed by better than expected manufacturing numbers. In addition, pandemic control measures have stemmed the day-on-day increases earlier seen in spread of the deadly virus. The USD weakened some in trading yesterday against a basket of currencies following the uptick in consumer prices which were reported yesterday in the US with CPI reading being 0.6% overall versus 0.4% from the prior month's reading.

Regardless, in yesterday's trading, market participants in the US dusted off this news as the increase in energy prices was the largest contributor to the CPI uptick. We are currently in active trades of a 6 of the spot pairs show in the grid below and in some cases have also traded the underlying currency futures. These ideas below are merely "continuation" trade ideas and is presented to our followers/readers on here. We took profits on bitcoin futures from yesterday's trade idea as well and only yesterday, added the analysis of Ether futures to this playbook. Follow alongside our trading on Twitter at Tradeguidance. We don't pitch our services actively as some do with annoying interruptions when you're perhaps watching an interesting new YouTube clip, instead we just trade our own ideas profitably. Know that currency and futures trading involves a lot of risk. To be on the right side of the market as a short-term trader, one needs the support of qualified technical analysis and that is what we do. We do not sell you anything. If you wish to learn more, visit us on our website and fill out a contact form and engage us in helping you improve your bottom line with trading:

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